Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Story Behind the Shirt

Edcamps are different from the kinds of professional development experienced in most school districts. Edcamps put YOU in charge of your learning. Choice is the theme from the very beginning of the day. You CHOOSE whether or not you want to attend an Edcamp, it isn't forced upon you. At the beginning of the day, sessions are decided based upon what the participants CHOOSE to learn about that day. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can CHOOSE a time and space on one of the boards. You CHOOSE which sessions will benefit you the most and, if you happen to go to a session that isn't what you thought it would be, you are free to CHOOSE to leave and go to a different session.

Continuing on the theme of choice, and playing off the fact that Walt Disney World's Toy Story Land is scheduled to open at the end of June, the 2018 EdcampMagic T-shirt was designed to playfully show everyone that EdcampMagic is your "CHOSEN" Professional Development. We hope you are making the choice to share in this magical day of learning, and look forward to learning with you! Order your EdcampMagic t-shirt today!