Monday, February 9, 2015

Why EdcampMagic at the Home of Walt Disney World?

Picture by Wm Chamberlain

The general consensus from educators (and parents) I talk to about holding an edcamp in Orlando is we are doing it to have the excuse to go to Walt Disney World. Honestly, there is some truth to that. Simply put, Disney World is an amazing place to go (with or without your kids.) But, that isn't the whole reason.

Walt Disney created spaces where imagination runs wild, where the uncommon and (before him) unimagined have become reality. There is some truth to the idea that the best classroom in the world could be a theme park. We wanted to create an edcamp that brought together similarly minded educators, those who see the ideas that Walt Disney had as a springboard for imagination and creativity for both their learning and the learning of students in their classrooms. While we are not affiliated with the company, we do associate ourselves with some of their ideals (not necessarily the ones that raise the ticket price at double the inflation rate every year ;).

So, if you would like to attend an edcamp and share the passion for creativity and imagination then please sign up to go. We would love to meet you!